5 Factors Your Colorado Rafting Trips Need

Colorado Rafting Trips Companies Options

Colorado rafting trips river mapFirst things first! Let’s get this one thing very clear because this is often one of those things first time whitewater rafters do not really prepare for: you need a guide when you go on a whitewater rafting trip anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you believe that your skill level is already high that you can go for that ride on your own. You still need that guide. And they are pretty strict about this rule in Colorado where millions of people flock to for this high-octane sport.

Now that we have established that this is a need, it is very important to find a guide who can really be of help to you – especially if you have not done this before. If not having a guide is dangerous, having a bad guide could make the whole experience something that is best forgotten.

So here are a few factors which you should consider when you are choosing your Colorado Rafting trips company and guide.

The Length of Time in the Field

There are some people who have been rafting for years and considered to be amazing at what they do. But that does not mean that they could guide people on the waters. Experience is a must-have so it is best that you go for someone who’s been doing this for a really long time.

In relation to that, it’s also better if you go for the one who is very familiar with the Colorado rapids. There are some guides who have done whitewater rafting guiding in other places, for example. But if you’re doing this in Colorado, it’s best that you choose someone who has guiding experience in Colorado.

The Length of Time in their Company

This does not just say a lot about their loyalty and the way they work, it also means that they are very familiar with the boats and equipment used for the trip.

Certification(s) to Work in the Field

There are some places wherein whitewater rafting guides are not required to carry licenses to operate. But this is a must-have in Colorado. While you need not ask the guide if he or she is certified to work in this field, especially if they work for a company offering rafting trips (they probably are), it’s still best to just see it. Remember, it’s your safety that’s on the line here.

Other Certifications for Safety

Aside from helping you with the right way to use the oar and reminding you that life vests and head gears are important, whitewater rafting guides should also have special training in wilderness first aid and CPR, among so many others. It would also be great if they knew how to deal with children since a lot of families do bring their kids with them on rafting trips.

What’s Included in the Guide Fee

Some guides are quite helpful in terms of carrying some luggage, building camping tents, and even cooking food (especially during a whole-week trip). But it’s best that you ask your guide what these really are so that you know.

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Tips to Have An Awesome Rafting Trip

How To Have An Awesome Rafting Trip

029-Grand Canyon Rafting Trip Aug-Sep 2014

If you are thinking where you can take the family for a summer or spring vacation, a rafting trip may just be a great adventure that will offer rejuvenation and excitement for even the most unwilling adventurer.

White water rafting is rapidly increasing in popularity, as it is an amazing way to savor the natural beauty of the area while going on a trip and exercising. The idea of the best river rafting destinations in America varies, depending on the people you ask. There are those who choose rafting in calm Class I rapids, while some people go for the real challenge just like Class V or Class VI.

Rafting is the paddling of an inflatable boat and steering it down a river amidst the swirling waters. The rapids classified below 1 are mostly suitable for beginners and children. The rapids that are over 5 are quite dangerous and not ideal for leisure rafting.

As white water rafting has increased in popularity as a leisure sport, there have been some developments in the equipment and some new available options for river rafters. The rafts are not necessarily rowed or paddled, since motorized rafts are now available. Another favorite type of raft is the hybrid one that includes paddles and oars. This allows riders to distribute the duties of paddling among themselves.

The following tips will help you prepare yourself before you go rafting:

Book reservations

First, choose the river that you want to experience. Next, search on the Internet for available rafting companies. There are many rafting sites that accept walk-ins, but it is better to book your reservation during peak season.

Give extra time

If it is your first time to raft on the area, allow a bit of time before your scheduled river rafting time. It is best to get the right directions before leaving home. You might end up at the wrong white water rafting company. In that case, you still have a lot of time to fix the problem and get to the right place with extra time to spare.

What to wear

All passengers in the raft will definitely get wet. Having said that, it is advisable to wear clothes that dries fast. You can wear a swimsuit (or trunks for men) under your surfing shorts. For your feet, wear comfortable water shoes. Wearing flip-flops is not an ideal footwear in the raft. The rafting agency usually provides the helmets, life jackets and the oars. Also, the river rafting trips will proceed rain or shine, considering that you are bound to get drenched anyway.

Eat light

With all the preparations, the safety lessons, the wait and anticipation, expect to be gone for about 4 to 6 hours down the river. You should eat a light meal before your rafting time, as a way to prevent an stomach upset during the actual activity.

While rafting is considered an extreme outdoor activity, there is no reason why beginners cannot enjoy the thrill of it. Moreover, this sport is most enjoyable when done together with groups as compared to performing it alone.

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Top Rafting Destinations in the US

Top Rafting Destinations in the US

Rafting is one of the most thrilling sports in the world. During the activity, the rafter gets to exercise, view spectacular scenery and experience great adventure, all at the same time. There are amazing places across the globe to experience your white water rafting, but many of the top destinations for it are in the United States.

To help catch your interest, below are some of the best river rafting destinations in the country.

Salmon River

The Salmon River runs over 20 miles in northern California and about 34 miles in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. Also, there is a 425 mile long part in Idaho, along with several river rafting runs.

American River

This is the river near Sacramento featuring a calm area for tubing, and a much tougher section for rafting. The North Fork is class V, the Middle is class IV and the South Fork is class III.

grand canyon las vegas rafting


Deerfield River

It is as popular as many other places for rafting, even though it only runs 76 miles. Depending on where you are on the river, you can go swimming, fishing, boating and of course, white water rafting. You can also find some class II and class III areas.

Colorado River

The list of river rafting is not complete without this river. The river travels along the Gulf of California and the Grand Canyon. Just be aware that you may have to wait a long time to get the opportunity to go rafting in the Colorado River. Remember, this is one popular river for rafting.

Green River

The Green River is a tributary of the Colorado River. It runs approximately 730 miles, which stretches from western Wyoming to Utah. It swiftly passes through Colorado. While rafting here, you can see a part of Utah’s Dinosaur National Monument.

Gauley River

This river is found on West Virginia, and is available for rafting all year round. If you want to experience that extra pump, set your rafting time in the Gauley Season, which is when the water from the Summersville Dam is released on Labor Day. However, be ready for some international crowd.

Flathead River

The Flathead River runs through the Montana, Columbia and Canadian Rockies River. This river can be cold, but if you prefer class I rapids and wish to see some natural wonder, then this is the river for you.

Nenana River

This river is the eastern border of the Denali National Park. Across its length, there is a rapid level for everybody. You have much simpler rapids at the beginning and more challenging rapids on the Nenana Gorge.

Rio Grande

This river works as a part of the U.S border with Mexico. Starting in Colorado and runs through 1,800 miles south. You can have a day rafting adventure here, or go for an extended trip on the river.

Royal Gorge

This part of the Arkansas River in Colorado is great for class IV and V rapid levels. The Royal Gorge are also suitable for paddling and swimming.

There are other popular rafting destinations in the US, aside from those mentioned above. Regardless of where you choose to have your adventure, remember that the main objective is to have fun. Have a good laugh, listen to the guide and enjoy the breathtaking view.

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